People History

This page lists those that have posted a message regarding their sea life, and what they have been doing since they left Reardon Smith or Cardiff Ship Management.

There were several requests in Shipmates to know what people are doing now, and that is the reason we started this page. it is hoped more people will add their details. If you are looking at this page and your details are not here or not up to date then do please post the information on the Forum or email them to Mike or Eric.
If you have a recent photo of yourself you can send it to Mike or Eric and it can be added to the history.

So far we have received the following reports:

Deck Officers Engineers R/O - C/S - Elec Office
Woodward Ralph
Wood Bill
Winnington Nick
Watson Ross
Townsend John
Thompson Bill
Swindells Colin
Stewart Ian
Slade Alan
Sizer Geoff
Sealey Mark
Saxton John
Rowland Peter
Rigg Mike
Redman Andrew
Price Terry
Powell Tony
Pitcher Vic
Phillips Glan*
Paul Pepler
Pearsall John
McMurdo Donald
McAlmont Alan
Martin John
Mapplebeck G
Lester Tom
Kisch Chris
Kirley Dave
Jutsum Adrian
Judd Laurie
Jaggers Andrew
Hutchings Jack
Hunter Terry
Hughes John
Hudson Jeremy
Howard Craig
Higgins Mark*
Heyman Paul
Hernaman Brian
Hammond Martyn
Hames Paul
Griffith Jones D
Godding Philip
Gallie Paul*
Fulker Keith
Fraser Robert
Field Tony*
Cumming Doug
Cribbin Kevin
Cox Mike
Cowan Ian
Cotton Wilson
Connick Glyn
Coleman Jerry*
Cann John*
Brown Julian
Bloomfield Peter
Bellamy Mike
Allison Craig
Williams Neville
Wells Gwyn
Walsh Laurie
Walmsley Kevin
Tate Phil
Stone Andrew
Snook Mike
Smith Dave
Rockey Julian
Richardson John
Ricketts David
Rees Chris
Prendergast P J
Poingdestre Eric*
Padfield Nick
Morgan Glynne
Millward Nick
McNally Alan
Matthews Barry
Marsh Andrew
Norman Brian
Luckett David
Lewis Glyn
Kirton Chris
Jones Tony
Jones Leo
Jones Chris
John Phillip (Willie)
Hume Eddie
Hughes Gerry
Howell John
Heyman Paul
Hewson Jon
Haugh James
Graham-Russell Tex
Gleeson John
Gateshill Colin*
Gaskell Andy
Fraser Bob
Davies Willie
Davies Terry
Davies Paul
Davies Dave
Crawford John
Butcher Bob
Burt Micheal
Bull Geoffrey
Brown Davy
Broughton Carl
Billington John M
Bell Robbie*
Bell Robbie Unthank*
Bartlett Keith
Barrall Mike
Ayres Kevin
Anderson Chris
Ainsworth John
Wheeler Peter
Witt Gareth
Watts Garry
Vost Andy
Thomson David
Taylor Fred
Smith Reg
Seabrooke Leighton
Savory Mike
Ritchie John
Pittendrigh Dave*
Pickering George
Pearson Keith
Payne-Cater Tony
Miller Roger
Hunt Dave
Hartwell Paul
Hartstone David
Hartley Christopher
Gardiner John*
Edge David
Davies Ray
Davies Dave
Cullinane Sean
Rob Carter
Bromham Eric
Bidmead Paul
Bennington Malcolm
Mayes Bob
Knight Nick
Ingrey Graham
Beattie Paul
Birchinall Rodney
Winton Ian
Williamson Graham
Vanner Caroline
Tilke Adrian
Theakson Alex
Sowell Jon
Short Tony
Prendergast Comin
Pringle Ryan
Pittendrigh Moira
Pearce Rachel nee Hughes
Parry Nigel
Neilson Joe
Mathews Dai
Martin Fiona nee Murray
Kohan Eileen nee Bethke
Kalnins Martyn
Jones Peter
Hill Bob (M Dawson)
Garlick Arthur
Fligelstone M nee Crockett
Dawson Matthew
Culbertson Kay nee Porteous
Clifford Bruce Jnr.*
Butcher Mike
Brangwan Chris (T Morgan)
Bear Glyn*
Allen Martyn*
Sue Belcham nee Brumwell
Nigel Parry
Howard Dave*
Becky Mabire TMM Long Beach
Other Ranks
Gundry Chris
Gibson Gary
Bradshaw John

Total members with People history: 190.

* Photograph included.