General Botha

ID: 1146583. Built by Bremer Vulcan, Vegesack, Germany in 1911. Launched: 18.3.11. GT: 4849. LPP: 121.7. Beam: 16.4.

1911 Berengar. Roland Line.
1921 British Government.
1923 General Botha. Oakwin SS Co Ltd.
1927 Berenger. Norddeutscher Lloyd.
1937 Petropolis. Hamburg SudAmerika.
1939 Sperrbrecher IX. German Navy.
1940 Petropolis. Hamburg SudAmerika.
1945 Bombed 29.04.45 & beached near Juelsand Broken up in situ 1946.


General Botha 1923 to 1927.
Notes:- The General Botha was one of three vessels named in tribute to the company's association with South Africa after WW1. See also General Smuts and General Lukin.

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