Paris City (1)

Built in 1920 by Craig, Taylor and Co of Stockton, for the St.Just Steamship Co., Bideford.
6343 gt: LBP 125.6: Beam 16.8m Service speed 10.5kts.

1920 Paris City, St.Just Steamship Co., Bideford.
1929 Reardon Smith Line Ltd., Bideford.
1938 Gerassimos Vergottis, Rokos Vergottis, Argostoli, Greece.
1940 Gerassimos Vergottis, Possidon SS Co Ltd, Argostoli, Greece.
1950 Greenville, Worldwide SS Co Inc, Monrovia.
1953 Foundered 50.00N/23.30W 21st Sept on passage Montreal-Liverpool, with grain.

NOTE:- See for a Newsreel film clip of her final hours.


Paris City 1920 to 1938.

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