Built by CN Aversois, Hoboken, Belguim as s.s. Oppurg. Tonnage: 3,390. LBP: 105.5m. Beam: 14.7m.

1908 Hamburg. Dampfs Union, Hamburg.
1912 Olga. Rederie AG Von 1896, Ge4rmany.
1914 Sukum. Russian Navy.
1919 Sukom. French Government.
1921 Meropi. C.DE. Calafitis, Greece.
1922 Meropi. Unity Sg and Tdg Co, Cardiff. (Reardon Smith subsidiary).
1929 Taxiarchis. Constantinos M Lemos. Greece.
1931 Wrecked off Lundy 28th March.
1933 Broken up at Wards, Briton Ferry in August.


Photo of Meropi
Meropi 1922 to 1929.

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