Bradford City (4)

Built in 1943 by Wm.Doxford at Pallion for Reardon Smith Line Ltd.
7266 gt: LPB 135.1m: Beam 17.2m: Service speed 11kts

1943 Bradford City. Delivered to Reardon Smith.
1962 Vercharmian, Vercharmian Steamship Co.Ltd., London.
1968 Shun Wah, Jebshun Shipping Co Ltd., London.
1972 Scrapped at Tadotsu , Japan.


Bradford City 1943 to 1962.
It has the "respect" band painted around, so there is no telling whether it was taken in 1950/51 after Sir William Reardon Smith died, or in 1961, when Douglas Smith died.

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