Questions and Answers

This page will contain questions and Answers which have been received from RSL members, so if you have any questions then do send them to the contact shown above.

Q. I have posted a message on the Forum, but I have now seen something which I would like to correct or change.
A. Only the Moderators can edit or delete messages. If you wish to change something in a message that you have posted then click on contact above and send an e-mail message with your request.

Q. How long will the messages remain on the Forum. On some forums I have noted the photos soon disappear.
A. On another forum which I am running the messages have been there for over 19 years. The photos are stored on the Reardon Smith website and will remain there as long as we want.

Q. I have some slides and some printed photographs of when I was on RSL or TMM vessels. How do I transfer them to digital photos?
A. If you do not have access to a scanner then Mike and Eric are able to do this. It may take time but they will scan them to produce digital images and they will be added to the library. They will then return your photos and also the digital images so you can use them on your own computer.