New Westminster City (4)

The New Westminster City was built by Upper Clyde Shipbuilding Ltd. at the Govan Yard and was Yard/Hull No.115 the fifth of the seven 840 class vessels built for Reardon Smith.

1972 Delivered to Reardon Smith
1983 Kassia
1986 Fox
1986 Singa Wilranger
1990 Norman Ranger
1992 Singer Ranger
1993 Myo Hyang
1998 Manpok
1998 Broken up Alang


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Maiden Voyage: Sailed Glasgow 14th February 1972. Bunkered and sailed Flushing 17th for River Plate to load grain for discharge Japan. Expected arrive River Plate 5th March, Durban 23rd March, Singapore 5th April and Japan 12th April.

Captain: M. J. Higgins, C/O: A. J. H.Crowther, 2/O: N. P, Waldron, 3/O: A. McBeevor-Reid, R/O: A. S. Ferguson, C/E: C. A. J. White, 2/E: G. Hughes, 3/E: I. R. Skidmore, 4/E: E. Hoy, Jun 4/E: D. Brown, J/E: N. P. Treen, J/E: I. S. Hughes, Elec: C. J. Nicholas, C/S: D. McPhail, Nav cadets: C. C. Gibbs & P. C. Coles, Eng cadet: None.

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