Originally built by the Northumberland SB Co, Howdon-on-Tyne in 1918 and launched for the Ministry War Department. Tonnage: 5,214. LBP: 122.0m. Beam: 16.1m.

1918 War Anenome. Ministry War Department.
1919 Stromboli. Nav. Gererali Italiana.
1927 Barrgrove. Bar Steamship Co, of Glasgow.
1941 Barrgrove. Reardon Smith Line Ltd. (Maintained Glasgow registration).
1947 Barrgrove. Leeds SG Ltd. (Maintained Glasgow registration).
1948 Garoufalia. Cia de Nav Claucos, Panama.
1951 Wrecked off Japan.


Barrgrove 1941 to 1947.

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