Cornish City (2)

Cornish City was built in 1919 by Craig, Taylor & Co Stockton for the UK government and sold to St Just Steamship Co. (Sir Wm Reardon Smith & Sons Ltd).
Tonnage: 5,269. LPP: 121.9m. Beam: 15.9m.

1919 Cornish City.
1929 Fort Binger. Cie. Chargeurs Reunis.
1940 Seized by MOWT and managed by Reardon Smith.
1944 Returned to owners.
1950 Scrapped.


Cornish City 1919 to 1929. Note the Utility Derricks of this WW1 "War Class" ship. Seen here discharging grain at London's Royal Victoria Dock, sometime in 1920's.

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