Sara Lupe

The Cardiff City (1) was sold to TMM in 1972 and was renamed Sara Lupe. It was managed by Reardon Smith.

1962 Delivered to Reardon Smith Line.
1972 Sold to TMM and renamed Sara Lupe. Managed by Reardon Smith.
1980 Alpac Asia
1985 Alpac Ocean
1986 Broken up Kaohsiung


View of Sara Lupe
Sara Lupe arriving Liverpool 12th September 1977 whilst on the TMM Med Service.Copyright © Malcolm Cranfield.

Master: K. Fulker, C/O: F. Scott, 2/O: A. K. Smith, 3/O: K. F. Ballard, R/O: P. Bradley, Ch.Eng: D. J. Jennings, 2/E: F. Clark, 3/E: E. J. Burrup, J/3/E: D. A. Roberts, J/E: R. D. Scammells, Elect: E. K. Bennington, Cat.Off: W. J. Burt, Dk.Cadets: S. L. Ward, J. B. Dinsdale, Eng.Cadets: N. R. Preece, M. Richards.

Sara Lupe voyage - 3rd October 1976 to 23rd February 1977.
3/10 Joined San Juan P.R., 10/10 Vera Cruz, 22/10 Tampico, 3/11 Houston, 7/11 NOLA, 10/11 Vera Cruz, 26/11 Recife, 4/12 Salvador, 9/12 Rio, 15/12 Santos, 1/1 Rosario, 12/1 Buenos Aires, 22/1 Vitoria, 2/2 San Juan P.R., 7/2 Savannah, 14/2 NOLA, 18/2 Galveston, 22/2 Houston Voyage ended.
Officers: Master: J.Cann, C/O: J. Pearsall, 2/O: T. Price, 3/O: J. Doody, R/O: K. Sellar, C/E: G. Cuthbertson, 2/E: J. Cullen, 3/E: A. McNally, 4/E: W. Powell, J/4/E: M. Hughill, J/E: G. Gaywood, Elect: P. Stoker, Cat.Off: L. Slawinski, Dk.Cadet: A. Morris.

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