Fresno City (4)

The Fresno City was built by Upper Clyde Shipbuilding Ltd. at the Govan Yard and was Yard/Hull No.844. This was the fourth of the seven 840 class vessels built for Reardon Smith.

1970 Delivered to Reardon Smith as Fresno City December
1982 Olmeca. Purchased by TMM.
1988 Singa Sailor
1992 Laid-up.
1994 Broken up at Zhoushan, PeoplesĀ  Republic of China


Fresno City departibg Vancouver
Fresno City departing Vancouver BC May 18th 1978. Photo by Norm Gidney from the collection of Tony Crowther.

Maiden Voyage:
Captain: D.C.Griffith-Jones, C/O: A.J.H.Crowther, 2/O: T.Lawson, 3/O: P.P.Lewis, R/O: S.H.W.Stephens, C/E: A.J.Tresize, 2/E: D.W.Morse, 3/E: I.Jones, 4/E: M.C.Woodman, J/E: D.R.Ross, J/E: K.J.Mathews, J/E: C.J.Buckley, Elec: D.G.Grant, C/S: J.L.Sanday, Nav Cadets: J.A.Challacombe & P.C.Roberts.

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