Built in 1918 as War Combe, by Tyne Iron SB Co., Willington Quay, for The British Government, London
3090 gt: LBP 101.1: Beam 14.3m Service speed 11.5kts.

1918 War Combe, The British Government, London.

Wastness, Letricheux Lines Ltd., London.

1920 Wastness, Cornborough Sg Line Ltd., Swansea.
1924 Wastness, Oakwin SS Co Ltd., Swansea.
1927 Marklyn, Mervyn Steam Sg Co Ltd., Newport.
1942 Empire Usk, British Govt., Newport.
1946 Heminge, Constants (South Wales) Ltd., Newport .
1948 Bluestone, Crete Sg Co Ltd., London.
1955 Grosvenor Mariner, Moller Line (UK) Ltd., London.
1955 Broken up at Hong Kong in September.


Wastness 1919 to 1927. This photo of Wastness as the Marklyn off The Pier Head, Liverpool in the 30's.

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