Leeds City (3)

Built in 1927 by Gray of Sunderland for St.Just Steamship Co., Bideford.
4749 gt: LBP 122.1m : Beam 16.6m : Service speed 10.0kts.

1927 Leeds City, St.Just Steamship Co., Bideford.
1928 Leeds City, Reardon Smith Line Ltd., Bideford.
1946 Leeds City, Leeds SG Co., Bideford.
1951 Terushima Maru, Iino Kaiun KK, Tokyo.
1952 Wrecked near Budge Budge, R.Hooghly on 20th August, having just loaded a cargo of Coal at Calcutta for Wanishi, Japan.


Leeds City at anchor
Leeds City 1927 to 1951. Copyright © Mark Higgins

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