How to use the Forum

This page is set up to help those who are new to using the Reardon Smith Line Forum. If your question is still not answered then send an email to Mike or Eric.

The Forum was online on 7th April 2009 and is intended for general chat about RSL/CSM ships and the people ashore and on board. It is useful for people to communicate and to tell us of their experiences and what they are doing now. In most cases these will be added to the Reardon Smith Ships website under the ship that the posting refers to.

This appears at the top of the page, but is not necessary and suggest you ignore it and just post your message. The advantages of logging in are minimal and not necessary as registering can cause problems.

Your name
It is suggested that you use your forename and surname and then everybody knows who you are. If you use a nickname then other people do not know who you are. Many Forums suggest that you use a nickname, but in this case it does not seem appropriate as we need to know who each person is.

E-mail address
This is optional and you can decide whether or not to include it. Most people do put in their e-mail address.

Sending or replying to messages
If you wish to reply to a previous message then you open that message and then click on "Respond to this message". A page will then come up and you can write your message. Click here for more information.
There are two buttons at the bottom of the page. If you click on Preview then you can see the message as it will look when it is posted on the Forum.
If you are happy with it you can click on Respond and it will be posted. If you want to change something then click on Edit and you will return to the previous page and can then make alterations.
In the top right hand corner is "Return to Index" and if you click on this it takes you back to the main front page.
If you want to start a new posting then stay on the Home page. (Perhaps we should call it the Index page as Network 54 seems to do).
Click on "Post Now" which is in the top right hand corner.
The page will open and you can create your message in the normal way.

Respond to my e-mail address
When creating any message including replying to a message you will see some options at the bottom of the page. One of these is "also respond to my email address".
This will post in the normal way and when anyone replies to it then it will appear in the normal way but you will also receive a copy of it by email. This can be useful if you are expecting replies and someone may not see your message or answer for weeks or months.
It is important that if you reply that you open the Forum and enter your reply there. If you answer the email directly then only the person who sent the message will see your reply and the thread on the Forum will be lost.

Viewing the messages
If you see a message that you want to read including the replies then click on "View thread" and the message and all the replies will be shown on one page.

The copyright of any photograph belongs to the person who took the photo. This must be borne in mind when posting any photos. If the photo belongs to anyone else then you must have their permission before using it. This also applies to any text you add as unless you wrote it yourself then do not use it.

You can post text to this forum at any time either as a new post or as a reply to a previous message. You may also wish to post photographs, but this cannot be done directly. If you add the full size images as an attachment to an email and send it to Mike or Eric they will store the photo on Mike's computer. One of them will reduce it in size and load it on to a website and send you a link. If you add this link to your message then the photos will appear. Click here for more details.
There are other ways to load photos, but some people could find this complicated, and we will have no controls over the photo and in time they could be lost. To contact Mike or Eric click on contact at the top of this page.

The website was added later in 2009. Besides having the "Memories from RSL" pages we have pages for each ship under their own headings. Page 1 for each ship shows a photograph of the ship with a ship history above. Page 2 usually has large photos of the ship, and other pages will have photographs of personnel or parts of the ship. We are trying to build up as much History of the company as possible, but have to rely on members for much of the information.
If you have large articles for the website then it is probably better to email this with any photographs as an attachment to Mike or Eric. This will then be made up and added to the website and a link to this page will be posted on the Forum so that members can have a look at it.

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