Paris City (2)

Built in 1941 by Vickers Armstrong, Barrow, as the Empire Baxter for the British Government. 7024 gt: LBP 136.5m: Beam 17.1m Service speed 11.0kts
1941 Empire Baxter, MOWT.
1941 Empire Baxter, Haldin and Philips (Managers).
1943 Empire Baxter, Sir William Reardon Smith & Sons Ltd. (Managers).
1946 Paris City, Leeds Shipping Company Ltd.
1954 Westford, Duff, Herbert Mitchell Ltd., London.
1957 Severn River, Cia Atlantica Pacifica SA., Monrovia.
1959 Huseyin Kaptan, Riza ve Aslan Sadikoglu Ortaklari, Istanbul.
1963 Broken up at Halic, Turkey.


Paris City 1946 to 1954.


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