In 1969 the Australian City had collapsible decks installed, creating a car carrying capacity of 2000 units. Re-named "Wilkawa" and long term chartered to Anders Williamson of Oslo.

Funnel painted in charterers colours Pontoons in their racks
The photo on the left shows the funnel in the colours of the time charterers. In the photo on the right the car deck pontoons can be seen in their racks on the port side
Port side racks without pontoons Starboard racks without pontoons
These photos were taken in the Panama Canal and now it can be seen that the pontoon racks are empty as the ship is loaded with cars.
Cars stowed on the cardecks Alongside discharging cars
The photo on the left shows cars in place on the 2nd car deck. On the right a car is being discharged by crane which was normal procedure for these ships. Photos above supplied by Willie Davies.

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