New Westminster City (2)

ID 52296898. Built 1929 by Short Bros, Pallion, Sunderland.
Launched: 28.10.29. GT: 5601. LPP: 129.8. Beam: 17.7.

1929 Anglo African. Nitrate Producers SS Co.London.
1943 Anglo African. Owned by Reardon Smith Line Limited.
1948 New Westminster City. Reardon Smith Line Limited., London.
1949 Lord Codrington. Normanton SS Co Ltd, London.
1952 Tozai Maru No.7. Tozai Kisen, Yokohama.
1956 Risshun Maru No.3. Kusakabe Kisen, Kobe.
1965 Scrapped in Japan.


Anglo African in the 1930's.
New Westminster (2) as Anglo African in the 1930's. Surrey Commercial dock.

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