Silvia Sofia

Gross Tonnage 17,128 Deadweight 22,337 . The vessel was still trading in June 2009.

1979 Delivered to TMM
1987 Merida
2007 Nanjing King Ship Management China
2009 King Glory
2011 Broken up at Alang in August 2011.


Silvia Sofia in Yokohama. Photo supplied by Mike Bellamy.
First voyage: Sailed Busan 20th October 1979 for loading ports in Japan then Mexico.
Captain: D. C. Griffith-Jones, C/O: M. J. Bellamy, 2/O: P. C. Roberts, 3/O: A.Tay, R/O: D .R.Wilkinson, C/E: G.Hughes, 2/E: J. Foots, 3/E: W. R. Shannon, 4/E: D.C. Pulley, J/E: C. G. Fletcher, M. Jones, Elec: J. A. Grainger, C/S: F. W. Lever, Cadets: N. Boyce,  R. A. Hall.
N.B. Vic Duncan relieved Mike Bellamy as C/O January 1980 in Acapulco.

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