Port Alberni City (1)

The Port Alberni City was built by Upper Clyde Shipbuilding and was Yard/Hull No.130 and was the last of the seven 840 class vessels built for Reardon Smith.

1972 Delivered to Reardon Smith
1984 Northern Valley
1985 Vitaluck
1994 Abdul Rahman
1995 Ha Ni
1997 An Da
2000 Broken up Xinhui


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Maiden Voyage:
Captain: G.S.Garlick, C/O: R.S.Stuart, 2/O: B.Hopper, 3/O: T.Haxell, R/O's:  A.Ferguson, J.M.A.Pagnum, C/E: R.Chambers, 2/E: G.Hughes, 3/E: O.G.Williams, 4/E: D.Brown, J/E's: D.W.Quaye, R.Pearson, P.H.Evans, Elec: C.J.Nicholas, C/S: L.Slawinski, Nav Cadets: N.Davies , A.Abel.

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