Data for 840 class

The 840 class was a series of seven similar vessels built by Upper Clyde Shipbuilders for Reardon Smith in 1970/72.

Class: Lloyd's classification bulk carrier. Strengthened for ore cargoes - specified holds may be empty.
Description: Steel single deck, single screw bulk carrier for carrying general bulk cargoes with special facilities for deck cargo. Machinery and accomodation aft.
Dimensions: Length overall 569´6.625" 173.60m
  Length between perpendiculars 535´0" 163.068m
  Breadth moulded 83´6" 25.451m
  Depth moulded to upper deck 46´0" 14.21m
  Draught on Summer freeboard 32´8.125" 9.960m
  Corresponding deadweight 25,874 tons 26,290 tonnes
  t.p.i. 92 tons 36.8 tonnes/cm
  Timber load line 26,812 tons 27,244 tonnes
    Summer on 33´6.25" 10.281m
Tonnage:   British Panama
  Gross 16,639.45 16,892.41
  Net 11,552.99 13,670.61
Main machinery: B & W "K" Type 6 cyl. 740mm bore developing 11,600 (metric) BHP at124rpm.
Speed/Consumption: About 15.5 knots on about 36 tons i.f.o. maximum 1500 seconds plus about 2.5 tons diesel on 90% power with 10% allowance for hull roughening and weather.
Deck cranes: 5 Hagglund Electro-Hydraulic 15 tons S.W.L. Type D1522.
Hatch Covers: Cargo-Dynamics. Electric or Navire hydraulic. Steel flat topped. Class "A" loading. No chains.

If you want to see the full specification for the vessels the click here to see a pdf file. You will need Acrobat Reader to see this and beware as it is a big file at 1mb.