Data for Leeds City class

The Leeds City was one of four vessels delivered from Doxfords, Sunderland to RSL in 1955/56.
The four ships were Victoria City, Leeds City, New Westminster City, and Welsh City.

The Victoria City was involved in a collision off Belguim and sank less than 12 months old.

The Victoria City and Leeds City were the first built of this class in 1955 did not have a heavy lift derrick.

Victoria City: Yard No.806, Launched 9/12/54, Completed March 55.

Leeds City: Yard No.807, Launched 23/02/55, Completed June 55.

New Westminster City: Yard No.814, Launched 28/02/56, Completed June 56.

Welsh City: Yard No.815, Launched 26/04/56, Completed Aug 56.