Orient City (4)

Built in 1977 Sunderland SB Ltd., for Reardon Smith Line Ltd., Bideford.
39236 gt: LBP 218.4: Beam 32.3m Service speed 15.0kts.

1977 Orient City, Reardon Smith Line Ltd., Bideford.
1978 Searadiance, Hemisphere Sg Co. Ltd., Bideford.
1991 Searadiance, Hemisphere Sg Co. Ltd., Hong Kong.
2004 Taiji Star, Cosco Shanghai Shipmanagement Co., Hong Kong.
2006 Zheng Tai, Zheng Tai Sg Group Ltd., Panama.
2009 Beached and scrapped at Alang January.


Towed astern with a tug
Copyright © Bryan Boyer.

Master: B.A.G Boyer. Ch.Off: G.T.Parker. 2nd Off: B.T. Hernamann. 3rd Off: C.Swindells. 4th Officer: T.J.Lawrence. Electronics Off: A.J.A.Cottle.
Ch.Eng: R.J.Trigg. 2nd.Eng: A.G.Hodgson. 3rd Eng: K.I.Davies. J.3rd Eng: C.C.Anderson. 4th Eng: R.H.Ashlin. J.4th.Engs: P.B.Williams, M.J.Twitchett. Electrician: K.E.Roberts. Cat.Off: R.G.Pierce. Deck Apps: G.R.J.Faulkner, T.J.Fuller, C.S.Weeks.

Initial Itinerary:-
Sailed Sunderland for Sea Trials 10th March 1977. Returned 11th and sailed for Southampton 11th. Called Flushing for Bunkers 12th March. Arrived Southampton 13th March and Drydocked 15th.March. Undocked 16th March and delivers from builders 17th March. Sails Southampton 18th March. Arrives Richards Bay 7th April, loads coal, and sails 10th April. Arrives Le Havre 2nd May for discharge, completing 5th May 1977.

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