Eastern City (5)

Built at Burmeister & Wain Shipyard, Copenhagen

I was attending the vessel continuously from the time construction began in January 1976 and my wife and I were staying in an apartment in the city.
Evan Walmsley and Graeme Griffiths joined me as the work progressed and more Ship's officers joined later until the full complement was onboard.
I have now found these photos when clearing out the attic so have now put them together as a record of the building of the vessel. Photography was difficult as I was often wearing heavy clothing and gloves and the lens on the camera were inclined to steam up.The lighting was poor as often part was in shade and part in direct sunshine. All tons mentioned are metric tons. Eric Poingdestre.


Building schedule

  Construction of stern unit 10 January 1976  
  First section in dock 2 February 1976  
  Start in building dock 15 March 1976  
  Undocking 23 April 1976  
  First machinery (generator) started 26 May 1976  
  Sea Trials 17/18 June 1976  
  Hand over to Reardon Smith Line 2 July 1976  
  Sailed from Copenhagen 2 July 1976  
  The Eastern City being prepared for delivery to Reardon Smith. At the stern can be seen the next ship being fitted out and this was for Irish Shipping. Another ship is in the building dock and another is being fabricated.  
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