Eastern City (5)

The Eastern City was built in Burmeister & Wain Shipyard. Copenhagen 1976.

1976 Eastern City delivered to Reardon Smith Line.
1979 Japana. Liberia.
1982 Pioneer Japan
1983 Japana
1987 Bulkvoltri
1988 Toscana
1999 Constantino


Eastern City at Anchor
Eastern City 1976 to 1979. Copyright © Alastair Jack.
Officers on maiden voyage. Master: M J Higgins, C/O: F Scott, 2/0: J R Ashley, 3/O: A Abel, R/O: A J L Cottle, 2R/O: J Barker, C/E: D M Parsons, 2/E: G J Griffiths, J2/E: K Rowney, 4/E: R S Allen, J4/E: M G Williams-Jones, J4/E: K R Negele, J/E: P J Rigby, Elec: P Tyreman, C/S: D C M Trinick, Decks cadets: T J Tadball & A Williamson.

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