Leeds City (4)

The Leeds City was the first of four vessels delivered from Doxfords, Sunderland to RSL in 1955/56. Each vessel had its modifications/improvements during building. Leeds City was originally delivered with rails around the Monkey Island Legend has it that the maiden voyage Master,Ginger Harris- who was an excellent woodworker, induced the Owners to put sufficient timber on board in order that he could "box in" the Monkey Island, fore end. It will also be noted that she had "wings" to the M.Island with a single gyro repeater up there. Later vessels had no M.I. wings and, I believe, repeaters on each wing of the bridge. Again, Leeds City had no heavy lift derrick. In 1967 she passed to the Greeks and renamed four times, ending up as "STELITSA".


1955 Delivered as Leeds City to Reardon Smith Line.
1967 Name changed to Ellispontos
1970 Name changed to Georgetta
1975 Name changed to Osia Irini Chrysovalandou
1979 Name changed to Stelitsa
1985 Broken Up by Gursoy Gemi Sokum, of Aliaga in Turkey

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