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Officers group on deck
Christmas 1957.
Back row. Deck Apprentice: P. Radford, J/E: Smith, Engine apprentice: Vowles, 3/e: Wynne Evans, J/E: S. Wheaton, C/E: L. Wainwright.
Mid row. C/O: D. Griffith-Jones, Engine apprentice: Dancy, 2/E: Robertson, Master: Blake Carnaffon.
Front row. Deck apprentices: C. Thomas, B. Boyer, T. Sawyer.
4 officers in 1958

1st April 1958.
From left:
R/O: Tapper Davies,
C/O: Harry Lloyd-Evans,
C/S: John Louden,
App: Robin Stuart,
App: W. Wainwright.

Photo of 2nd and 3rd officers   Photo of chief Officer Harry Lloyd Evans
3/O: Derek Flowers, 2/O Tony Lightfoot.   C/O: Harry Lloyd-Evans

All the photos were taken 1957 or 1958.
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Left: 3/O: D. Pratt and 2/O: Philip Vanner.


All photos copyright © Bryan Boyer.

2nd and 3rd officers

Officer list for April 1958 to August 1958.
Captain: Blake Carnaffon, C/O: Harry Lloyd-Evans, 2/O: Tony Lightfoot, 3/O: David Pratt, R/O: Willie Cameron, C/E: Lionel Wainwright, 2/E: John Dutton, 3/E: Wynne Evans, 4/E: G. Parker: C/S: John Louden, Cadets: Bryan Boyer, Robin Stuart, Peter Radford, and Clive Thomas.

In August 1958 the following changes were made: 3/O: Derek Flower, R/O: Tapper Davies, and John Wheaton became 4/E.

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