Eastern City (5)

Eastern City at anchor
View of port bridge wing   Photo taken from lifeboat
Ready to receive lifeboat back onboard.  
All the photos on this page were taken when the vessel was at anchor in the Missippi in 1977.
All photos copyright © Dave Randell.
Officers on board 1977. Master: D. L. G.Jones, C/O: M. W. Slayman, 2/O: A. K. Smith, 3/O: N. Davies, R/O: P. M. Sanders, Ch.Eng: D. M. Parsons, 2/E: T. Graham-Russell, 3/E: E. J. Burrup, 4/E: I. S. Exton, J/4/E: R. J. D. Strange, R. D. Scammells, J/E: G. G. Waters, Elect: C. C. Seaton, Cat.Off: D. R. Roy, Dk.Cadets: G. D. Randell, M. A. Evans.

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