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I had just obtained my First Class Engineers Certificate and I joined the Welsh City as 2nd Engineer at Newcastle on Tyne on the 11th November 1958. Wages £93.7s.6p/month.

The voyage went as follows:-
Master: Picton Davis from Burryport, Ch.Engr: Alec Svenson from Sunderland, Cn.Officer: Jake Vaughan from Pontlotton, 2nd.Engr: Alec Osborne from Pendeen, Ch.Steward: John Lowden from Hereford, 3rd.Engr; Mike Hockridge from Cardiff, Radio Officer: Andy Ferguson from Glasgow, Elect: Dinty Moore from Newcastle.

From To Cargo Miles
South Shields Albany (New York State USA) Lightship 3,264
Albany Bombay and Calcutta Grain 8,200
Calcutta Albany (West Australia) Lightship 2,106
Albany London (via Aden & Suez) Grain 9,822
London Leith Grain 350
      Total 27,819
Voyage ended April 3rd 1959. Length of voyage 4 months 24 days.
2nd voyage:- Officers remained the same.
From To Cargo Miles
Leith New Orleans Lightship 5,055
New Orleans Otura (via Panama Canal) Grain 9,853
Otura Yokohama Part grain 731
Yokohama Sydney Lightship 4,316
Sydney Hamburg (via Capetown) Grain 11,845
      Total 31,800
Length of voyage 5 months 12 days.
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