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Good to read your post Wyn.................I remember you and "Albert" very well from our time on the "Welsh" but can't remember any of the other apprentices. I joined her as 2nd mate on December 7th 1965 and left to go back to school for my Masters on the 20th February 1967. Captains were Charlie Exton and Dai Beynon and I believe Tony Lightfoot was the Mate throughout that period accompanied by his lovely wife Rona! Leo Slawinski was the Chief Steward. One of those trips where I still shake my head that I was actually being paid for having so much fun! Part of the time we were on charter to the newly formed East African National Line and we had that multi coloured funnel of about six wide bands. Also, remember Charlie Exton refusing to heave to off Beira and take on the Royal Navy's crew mail - we could have been blown out of the water as it was the time of the Rhodesian blockade. He had to suffer an unpleasant visit from the British Attache when alongside! All a long time ago....... Tony Crowther. Posted on forum 20 June 2012.

That trip to East Africa on the Welsh was certainly one of the better ones I did with RSL. Dai Beynon was master with Tony Lightfoot, yourself, and John McCarthy 3rd. mate. The apprentices were Dave Hall, myself, a chap from south Wales whoes name escapes me. He was a really tall lad with close cropped ginger hair and went by the nickname "Timber". The other cadet was called Harold. He was from Hereford. Sadly he came down with malaria and was hospitalized in Mombasa. The disease ruined his eyesight and he was forced to leave after only one trip.
I also recall the funnel painted in the colours of the East Africa National Line. It was designed to incorporate all the colours from the national flags of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. It was customary to paint the ship from top to bottom if she was returning to the UK. I remember Tony Lightfoot gazing up at the funnel which was becoming a bit tatty by now. He was frustrated because we didn't have all the colours to repaint it, so I think it was coated with some sort of laquer. I don't think it did too much for the colours, but we came home with a nice shiny funnel!
A really good trip back in the good old days of general cargo ships and plenty of time in port. Wynford Phillips. Posted on forum 20 June 2012.

I was 3rd Mate on the Welsh city from Aug 1965 until May 1966.But the trip from Dec 23 rd 1965 when we had no Xmas because of the weather after leaving Falmouth,where on one night ashore Tony Crowther lead us home from the "Bunch of Grapes" singing the Hi Ho song from Snow White. Johnny Mac was senior App and I think John Curry was another app + Albert.
I agree with Tony that it was one hell of a trip especially our stay in Geraldton. Peter J Bloomfield. Posted on forum 21 June 2012.

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