Welsh City (2)

John Cann and Syd Ledbetter   1964. R/O John Mathews in the radio room.
Copyright © John Howell.


Welsh City  probably summer 1963.
Ken Green 3/E,  Colin Gateshill 4/E and John Howell J/E. Happy days indeed.
Copyright © Colin Gateshill.

  Three engineers in engine room

Fremantle,    Christmas Day  1963.
L to R.     Tony the Leckie from Swansea,  Deck App. visiting from Great City,  Possibly the same,  Eric Poingdestre 2/E,  Bert Lester C/E,  Colin Gateshill 4/E.

We got Christmas in port because the Aussie stevedores went on strike because they wanted to rebuild the Calcutta built  shifting boards and RSL naturally
would not agree. I think we got something like an extra week in Fremantle. Thank you very much. Copyright © Colin Gateshill.

  Officers on board on Christmas day

Eric Poingdestre and Colin Gateshill
This was taken onboard the Welsh City in 1963. Copyright © Colin Gateshill.

  Two engineers in uniform

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