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I remember being on her during my apprenticeship as uncert 3/O as part of her last crew early in 1968, in Victoria Dock London before she was finally sold to be the Cypriot flag Adelfotis. We were stuck in the dock under the grain elevator for some 6(?)weeks or so, maybe more, during the seaman's strike, or was it a dock strike (?), of that year. Close to Silvertown. We had a full load of grain, which slowly fermented, and which then eventually started to smolder in no. 5 hatch. After eventual discharge, we went into drydock in KGV so she could be sold. Long time ago, can't remember the Master at the time but "big" John Hughes was 2/O. Graham Mapplebeck. Posted on forum 1st February 2010.

A photo of the Welsh City (2) passing Portishead 13.9.66 inbound to Avonmouth from Beira has now been posted on the website. Eric Poingdestre. Posted on Forum 10 November 2010.

Happy memories - I was Mate on her that voyage. Tony Lightfoot. Posted on Forum 10 November 2010.

I was on board as an apprentice at that time.
Master was D Beynon, C/O Tony Lightfoot, 2/O Tony Crowther, 3/O J.McCarthy, Apprentices: Wynford Phillips, Dave Hall, and Harold ? Harold was from Hereford but came down with Malaria that trip which affected his eyesight quite badly and he was forced to leave seafaring. Wynford Phillips. Posted on Forum 12 July 2011.

Good to hear from you Eric. Do you realise that 50 years ago today we were on our way from Sunderland to the River Plate. I joined the Welsh on March 5th in Greenwells DD at Sunderland. I recall opening the ER door and thinking Aye Aye something not right here. There was a serious lack of an engine. This was following the exploits of Bert Lester and yourself in attempting to run with an articulated crankshaft. I did three trips with Bert Lester, you and Ken Green as 1, 2, and 3. I went 4/E after the first trip and we all paid off together in Hull after two years. Looking back I reckon the grounding I got on the Welsh stood me in good stead for my later years and that includes the hangovers.
Regarding Ken Green. I had a few beers with him in Long Beach late in 1965 when he was on the Cardiff and I was on the Houston. I think this was the early days of the Mexican connection and Ken told me they would have to use dynamite to get him off the ship. After that he seems to have moved on. I once had occasion to go into his local in Sunderland and I asked about him but the manager was not very forthcoming with the info. This must have been in the early 70's. The customers knew him but they were not telling. Colin Gateshill. Posted on Forum 3 April 2012.

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