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I spent considerable time on this vessel as Mate, plying between Goa/Dungan/Rompin to Japan with iron ore, on charter to a well known Japanese Company!
Not being an Engineer,(and am open to advice?)I recall that she sported a generator up in the middles?(There could have been three up there?) My recollection was that this one was named the "Hikari Express" but was prone to going on fire frequently? Obviously the problem was easily dealt with.Are there any engineers around who sailed in her around 1969? John Cann. Posted on forum 26 November 2014.

You are quite correct John ! There were three Ruston in -line 6 Cyl. diesel alternators, mounted thwartships at the aft end of the top platform of the engine room. Plus, I clearly remember the 'Hikari Express' as being the portside alternator and after joining the vessel at Marmagoa, in the capacity of 2nd Eng. , I was informed that the dreaded alternator had been rebuilt by the ship's staff but had not been run up.
The incoming Ch. Eng. was that lovely guy, Lenny Taylor, and I had strict instructions not to touch the alternator until we were on passage and 'settled down' The big day arrived and we started the alternator with diesel and she ran sweetly for at least 48 hours. Lenny then instructed us to change the fuel over to 'heavy' oil' ( which is when historically, the alternator had previously caught fire.)
Sure enough after about 36 running hours, during the afternoon watch, the fire alarm was rung and yet again the alternator had mutated into the "Hikari Express" Anyway to cut a long story short the problem was solved by super sleuth Lenny Taylor who realised that back pressure in the crankcase was preventing the lube oil from the turbo blower from draining back into the crankcase. The lube oil level within the turbo blower was builing up and running over the shaft seals into the exhaust pipes and catching fire.
The back pressure was caused by a blocked crankcase breather pipe running up the aft engine bulkhead to the boatdeck ! John Hewson. Posted on forum 29 November 2014.

Many thanks for your reply regarding "Hikari Express" which was detailed and hopefully interested other Engineers.No doubt the article will stimulate others to subscribe!
I recall we both were together on that ship with Danny John and Alan Nicholl (2/O) but cannot recall the C/E? That voy was Feb to August 1969. You talk of Len Taylor so that would appear to be a different trip? Dig out your Discharge Book and cofirm the dates you were there? John Cann. Posted on forum 30 November 2014.

After turning the house upside down and accusing all family members of throwing my Discharge Book out, I found it!

You are quite correct about the dates of the voyage and I am as certain that it was Len Taylor was Chief Engineer when we joined the vessel in Marmagoa. I have also managed to find my 'sea time' references from Chief Engineer's on various ships. The relevant one for this voyage was signed by Mr. W. H. McCallum who must have joined sometime during the voyage and Lenny left earlier than us. John Hewson. Posted on forum 3 December 2014.

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