York City (1)

Built by L Thompson and Sons Ltd, North Sands. This is the sister ship of Jersey City (2).
ID: 1144723. Blt: 1922, Launched: 17 October 1921, GT: 6,397, LPP: 125.5, Beam: 16.8.

1922 Just Steamship Co Ltd., Bideford.
1928 Reardon Smith Line Limited, Bideford.
1937 N.G.Nicolaou, Piraeus.
1941 Mittelmeer Reederei, Germany.
1943 Nikolaus. Torpedoed off Bastia 21.9.43


Anglo African in the 1930's.
York City 1922 to 1937.
York City was the only vessel of this name that served in the fleet. York, was also one of only six British Cities used in the RSL naming sequence, and of those six three were Yorkshire Cities.

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