Indian City (4)

The attached photos captures Capt Griffith-Jones children aboard the Indian City in 1971 during a crossing-the-line ceremony.
Crossing the line ceremony   Crossing the line cermony
Julie is shown here with her father on the left and the boiler-suited engineer in the background is Keith Rowney.   Christopher is helped in by his father with Ch/Stwd Wagner on the left.
Both photos copyright © Terry Price.

Indian City believe the Mate was one John Cann, 2nd Mate Al Nichol. John Saxty is on the left and on the right is the redoutable H.M.S. Williams. The other two could be the third mate and a J/E. Can anybody identify them? Copyright © John Saxty.   Four officers on the beach

Since 1976 was the year of the Montreal Olympics, whilst en-route back to Japan, we had our own version onboard. All photographs copyright © David Thomson.
All the officers and wives on deck  

L-R:- M Perrott (3/E), D Cumming (3/O), ? (2/Elect), unknown, P Davies (J/E), P Baverstock (C/O), J Fitzsimmons (C/E), R Vanner (Capt), H Gale (2/O), Caroline Vanner, Dootie, unknown, Alex, T Graham-Russell (2/E), Julie Roberts,  A Hobin (4/E), Keith Roberts (Elect), J Birsdale (D/C), Tricia Thomson, unknown (Mobile D/C), unknown (J/E).

The members of the Robert's team   Team Vanner on deck
Team Roberts
L-R: D Thomson (R/O), H Gale (2/O), R Vanner (Capt), Julie Roberts, unknown, P Baverstock (C/O), unknown (Mobile D/C).
  Team Vanner
L-R: Alex, J Birsdall (D/C), unknown, Caroline Vanner, Dooty, T Graham-Russell (2/E), L Surrey (Cat/O).
Team Thomdon on deck  

The two Vanner girls with trophy

Thomson Terror's - Winners
‚ÄčL-R: unknown (2/Elect), K Roberts (Elect), D Cumming (3/O), unknown (J/E), Tricia Thomson, A Hobin (4/E),  J Fitzsimmons (C/E).

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