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Hi Dave, great to hear from you,you have given a good summary for that event filled voyage!
That trip will always remain in my memory because I never sailed subsequently on another vessel that had so many things go wrong!

Another event that I can remember is when the spare liner broke free from its securing point on the engine room forward bulkhead flat when we took a mega roll in extremely heavy weather outward bound for Japan.I was single handed 12 to 4, I had not long taken over the noon watch when it happened, all hell broke loose when it came crashing on to the upper engine flat and rolled towards the aft end and the fuel tanks,
I can recall you shouting from the top of the engine room to press the panic button and get all the engineers below to secure it before it punctured the main engine daily service tank or worse. It reminded me of a story by Victor Hugo in which a cannon broke loose in heavy weather on the gundeck in a man of war and how it was finally secured.
We eventually got the beasty cornered and lashed with strops and chain blocks where it stayed until we docked in Japan and got it correctly stowed. The bulkhead strongpoint had sheared on closer examination and had to be re welded. Michael Burt. Posted on forum 5 February 2012.

I was sailing as 4th Engineer on the previous trip to that of Mike Burt and Co so he would have relieved me. The trip which I did was uneventful and so much so I can't remember much about it other than I was going home to marry when we paid off! Mike Snook. Posted on forum 5 February 2012.

Hi Mike, I wish that I had been on your trip as first trip 4/E. I can only say that it was time for me to draw the short straw.
Although it was an eventfull trip, it was certainly a case of being thrown in at the deep end but I did finally emerge with some good experience under my belt which stood me in good stead for future voyages. Michael Burt. Posted on forum 6 February 2012.

I joined in Southampton when Terry Price signed on for a double header, we certainly put in some sea time on that voyage, I think we paid off in a US Gulf port after discharging Datsuns in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale.Wilkawa was going on to load grain for her next leg to Japan.
We had a few problems with Main Engine Rotary Exhaust Valves, I remember a couple of stops mid Pacific to attend to them and getting plastered in oil, I think we also had a scavenge fire. Michael Burt. Posted on forum 20 February 2012.

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