Indian City (4)

The Birthday Fancy Dress Party all those years ago when Julie Roberts and David Thomson shared the same birthday on the same date. The celebration was held on 25th July 1976.
Officers in fancy dress  

R-L: J Birsdale (D/C), J Fitzsimmons (C/E), K Roberts (Elect), H Gale (2/O), unknown,  T Graham-Russell (2/E),  unknown (2/Elect), M Perritt, P Davies (J/E), D Thomson (R/O), 
A Hobin (4/E), R Vanner (Capt)
Front R-L: Tricia Thomson, Julie Roberts

The Mobile team  

Caroline Vanner, Tricia Thomson, Julie Roberts, Jon Birsdale (Mobil D/C).


Julie Roberts, Tricia Thomson, Joe Fitzsimmon, Caroline Vanner.

Unrelated Twins

David Thomson & Julie Roberts, The Unrelated Twins, (Tex and Gromph in background).
All photographs copyright © David Thomson.
  Cutting the cake


These photos were also taken in 1976.

Birdsdale (D/C - Mobil), Andy Hobin (4/E), Trevor Graham-Russell (2/E).


All the officers and wives on deck

The members of the Robert's team   Team Vanner on deck
Pete Baverstock (C/O), Tricia Thomson, D Cumming (3/O).   Harry Gale (2/O), Pete Baverstock (C/O), Tricia Thomson.
Team Thomdon on deck  

The two Vanner girls with trophy

Joe Fitzimmons (C/E) in full song.
All photographs copyright © David Thomson.
  Alex & Caroline (Dooty) Vanner with the Birthday cake.

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