Devon City (4)

Three officers on deck   There is no details at which port this was taken. Copywrite © Fiona Martin.
Children in Shanghai   A visit to a 'peasants' commune near Shanghai in June 77.
3 Officers in fancy dress   Officers and wives having a drink
L to R in Fancy Dress:- Hugh Convery, Justin Schmidt and Dave Horne, Tony Lightfoot and Terry Hunter in background.
Five photos copywrite © Terry Hunter.
  L to R:- Hugh and Ann Convery, Rona Lightfoot, Steve Ward, Mike Smith, Marion Sizer, Terry Hunter, Dave Horne, Justin Schmidt.

Christmas Day 1979 on Devon City between Long Beach and Durban, Safmarine Charter.

Christmas day in saloon   Christmas day in saloon

L to R:- 4/E Paddy Baxter, 2 x stewards, Elect Geoff Shaddock, J/E Brandram-Jones, 3/E Andy Budge, 3/O J.J. Moore.

  L to R:- Terry Hunter, Dicky Vanner, 2/E Mo Green, Mary Rayner, J/R/O Garry Gorford, R/O Eric Bromham.

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