Devon City (4)

Christmas 1976.

Officers in lounge   Officers in lounge
Tom Jowett, David (Martyn) Eley, Paul Bidmead, Bell, n/k, Barry (leccy), Des Howell, Bob Rees, John Porteous.   Tom Jowett, n/k, Paul Bidmead, Bell, n/k, Barry (leccy), Ian Stutt, Des Howell, John Porteous. All photos copywrite © Ian Stutt.

6 people in lifeboat  

July 1982.
At anchor, Port Arthur, Neeches River.

C/O Kenny Jones, Indian crew, 2/O Ian Cowans, Ch.Stwd Andy Gouldie, Indian crew, 4/E Mike Owens. Copywrite ©Mike Cox.

Two people on lifeboat   Five people in lifeboat

Colin French 3rd Eng, Pete Budden R/O.

Copywrite © Willie John.

  Taking captain ashore to pick up our mail.
Diana Stutt, Colin French, Pete Budden, Willie John, and George Ellerby. Algiers 1977.

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