Devon City (4)


Devon City in drydock   Devon City in Naples drydock 1977.
Diver preparing to dive   Transferring cargo to other ship
Photos show diver inspection after grounding in the Baltic, and then transferring some cargo to another ship to lighten vessel - 1976.

Crossing the line on the passage to Capetown August 1979.
Crossing the line ceremony   Officers and wives at BBQ
Elect Malcom Bennington, 2/E Hugh Convery and R/O Vince Cullen. Seated: 4/E Joe Retalliack, 3/O Nigel Budden, (Mobil) and C/O Max Mitchell. Copyright © Mike Cox.   4/E Joe Retallick, 3/E Keith Aust, Anne & Hugh Convery. Seated: cadet John Bateman, Rona Lightfoot, Marion and Vince Cullen. Copyright © Mike Cox.

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