Devon City (4)

Three officers on deck   Officers in lounge
Clive Webber Cat/Off, Willie John, and George Ellerby.   Phil Godding 2/E, centre with his “minders” Roy Tonks and Willie John.

Officers relaxing on deck  

Officers relaxing on deck

At anchor at Algiers. Hugh McLundie, Larry Fletcher, Willie John, Graham Griffiths, Tony Bruce-Smith, Colin French, Pete Budden   Taking refreshments. Larry Fletcher, Tony Bruce-Smith, Colin French, Willie John, and Martin Staines
Three officers having a beer   Three officers having a beer

Graham Griffiths, Colin French and Willie John.


Relaxing on Deck during our 8 weeks at anchor off Algiers. Graham Griffths, Willie John, and Martin Staines

Officers in the bar with toy monkeys   On deck passing the twin towers in New York

In the bar with our pets. Willie John, Phill Godding and Pete Budden.


All photos taken between June and November 1977.
All photographs copywrite © Willie John.


Arriving in New York.
Roy Tonks, Phill Godding, Martin Staines and Willie John.

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