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I had been acting Engineer Superintendent from May 1964 and had not long carried out a major refit on the Houston City's main engine. The Cardiff City was also having engine problems similar to the sister vessel, so she was also due for a refit.The vessel arrived London and the chief engineer Len Taylor was to go leave on arrival.
I was asked if I would take the ship to Sunderland sailing as Chief Engineer which I agreed to do.

I signed on as Chief Engineer 22nd February 1965 and wages were £137 a month.

The voyage went as follows:-

From To Cargo Miles
London Hull Part grain 226
Hull Sunderland Lightship 120
      Total = 346

Paid off 10th March 1965. The voyage was a nightmare shifting ship in the London Docks we unshipped a shore side crane off its rails when the flare of the bow got caught under it, all because we could not get the engine to go astern. We had plenty of missed starts leaving London Docks and entering Hull King George Dock had four attempts to get the engine started. I carried out the refit at Greenwells Drydock, Sunderland. Doxford Engine Works did the refit of the engine, which ran very well afterwards. Alec Osborne.
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