Cardiff City (1)

Bill Hopper, Wally Hutchings (in his thinner days), and Tony Gough. Sitting on the case of Kirin is John Gardiner. Photograph copyright © John Saxty

  Testing lifeboat radio
Christmas day 1962 (or was it 1963, as there were two spent at sea on the same voyage) during the maiden voyage of the Cardiff City. Pre-lunch drinks with Capt T W Picton Davies.
These photos belong to Peter Bloomfield and were first published in Tony Crowther's "The Memories".
  Captain and officersin saloon
Engineers at lunch   Cadets at lunch
Christmas 1962. Al Thomas 4/E, Kevin Dixon J/E, Alan Brown Elec, Dave West J/E.   Christmas 1962. Cadets table. Mick Littler, Peter Bloomfield, Dick Nethercott, Timothy Reardon-Smith, Alan Grainger.
Engineers on deck   Deck apprentices relaxing on deck
October 1962. At anchor New Orleans. Waiting for the Cornish City to pass.   November 1962. Deck apprentices Mick Littler, Timothy Reardon Smith, Peter Bloomfield, and Alan (Clarence) Grainger.

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