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Memories of Christmas with RSL. Nearly 40 years have passed since my first Xmas away from home and memories flash back from being berthed in Stockton California,approx 8 hours up river from San Fransisco.
Snow was lying deep and it was a cold miserable trek up to some cabin like affair which was the nearest if only bar.
The vessel was the Cardiff City and it was 1969. Old/man Capt. Tony lightfoot, C/E E Morgan, Mate John Gordon ( he left after this trip to be Master on a Charity Relief Ship with medical facilities), Mike Hurst 2nd Mate, 3rd mate Billy Hopper. R/O name escapes me but he made a great comic act with Mike Hurst.
2nd Engineer was Ian Fraser who I think got confirmation that he had passed his C/E Ticket during the voyage.
3rd engineer (professional) Reg Russel from Sunderland, 4th Tony Gough, the gentle giant from Swansea ??, he served his engineering cadet-ship with RSL.
I sailed 2nd Elect with my mentor for the trip the unforgettable Elect J.W.D.Mclaren
The C/Steward was Leo Slavinsky who provided us with memorable Xmas fare.
My memory is clear on remembering my peers but my close friends on the voyage were the deck cadets and first trip junior engineers who will hopefully respond to this thread.
John C Gardiner. Posted on forum 6th December 2009.

Even if it was forty years ago I still remember the my first Christmas at sea which was on the Cardiff in Stockton or parts of it anyway, the deck cadets were myself, John Saxty and Martin Wilcox, the first trip juniors were Rob Carlson & ........ Woodward, the Sparkies were H.M.S Wiliams & Roy Madrell (Mandrell)a Manxman also first trip, the Chief was a Kiwi who was relieved not long after owing to a faux pas on the Orient City I think.
The Old Man Tony Lightfoot had his wife and son on board and the Mate his wife. If I remember rightly we were due to sail Christmas Eve afternoon until I was given the job of pleading with the stevedores to slow down a bit so that we could have Christmas Day alongside. It was indeed a memorable Christmas. Wally Hutchings. Posted on forum 7th December 2009.

..and does anyone remember this incident on Cardiff City 1965.
States Marine Charter to Pusan, South Korea, midwinter 1965/66 and discharging gypsum from Mexico. The surface of which had to be drilled out with pneumatic drills as it was so compacted, under a topload of cotton, in all holds. One night moored there, it was so cold the whole of the paintwork on the front of the accomodation peeled off with the cold leaving it right down to bare metal. I know, I was there, and helped to paint it again. Master Idris Williams and C/O Griff-Jones.
Graham Mapplebeck. Posted on forum 11th December 2009.

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