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I can recall a couple of 'incidents' on 'Cardiff City' as an apprentice:

1. Assab - July 1963. Ready to load salt - vessel down by the stern. Scorching hot afternoon and the Mate, Don Jack had instructed us, Pete Bloomfield, Mike Hurst, Alan Grainger and myself to open the hatches. As you will know, the lids were lifted off the coaming by turning the wheels with a 'crank handle'. I recall it being No2 hatch with all lid wheels turned and ready to roll except the very forward lid. When we turned those over, gravity took over and created the fastest hatch opening ever, with lids 'flying down the coaming' with an almighty crash shattering the afternoon tranquillity! Fortunately no damage or injury was incurred however when awoken from his afternoon nap Mr.Jack was not amused.

2. In port somewhere preparing to load or unload engine room parts. Same apprentices as above were rigging the derrick at the after end of the boat deck. With no electric winch handy this entailed tedious winding of the topping lift. I think that I was 'guilty' of the brainwave of utilising a portable winch provided to lift the lifeboat. This was controlled by a push on/off button in the end of the handle. All went well as the derrick was hoisted until I pressed the button to stop. Alas! It didn't stop and the derrick continued upwards until almost vertical when the 'monkey-face' jammed. The winch then started to rotate and in trying to pull it off the topping mechanism I went flying over the rail on to the deck below, clouting Mick or Bloomers with my boots as I went! Apart from a degree of shock and some bruises there were no injuries - and somehow the winch stopped. We didn't try using this technique again. Although 54 years ago, some things are never forgotten. Ralph Woodward. Posted on the forum 20 March 2017.

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