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I sailed on the maiden voyage of the Silvia Sofia as 3rd engineer with Gerry Hughes and Joe Foots plus a whole crowd of great guys. I followed up with trips as 2nd engineer on Bibi and Silvia. Super ships and halcyon days.
I was chief eng. on the Bibi when she was handed over to Barber's. I can honestly say that everything in the engine room of this very complicated vessel was in working order. All the UMS system was operating and the ship was in great condition. Not bad after 15 years, we must have been doing something right. Roger Shannon. Posted on forum 10th August 2009.

I was 2/E on the Bibi in early 1992 when we dry docked in Malta. Keith Morgan and Gerry Hughes were the Chiefs while I was there. That ship holds some great memories. Phil Tate.
Posted on forum 6th September 2009.

BIBI:- Griff Jones took this vessel from the dockyard on her maiden voyage. I relieved him in Acapulco 29/6/79. Bibi was the first of her class and by the time we got back to Japan TMM publicity had got into gear and were dishing out detailed models of these ships.  Their Agents were distributing them and I was presented with a model of Bibi in Yokohama and a model of Sarita in Nagoya.  (This "convoy" now takes pride of place on our mantlepiece). John Cann. Sent by email 13th August 2011.

I joined Bibi 16.07.80 at Long Beach. Left 16.10.80 at Innoshima, following sea trials after the new Constant Pressure engine set up.
Later joined 01.03.81 at Long Beach and left at Nagoya 04.06.81. Charlie Boyer. Posted on forum 3rd February 2012.

Sad news I have just learned via Sea-Web that as I had previously predicted the King Feast (ex Bibi) has now been scrapped.
2012-05 Status changed to Broken Up
2012-04 Broken Up by Bansal Infracon Ltd of Mumbai in India for $473 per LDT (9,559 LDT) $4,521,407 total. Over 33 year career! Jerry Coleman. Posted on forum 28th August 2012.

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