Photo of Bill Gill   Three ship officers
  Neil Jerrum, Nick Shilstone, and Mike Williamson. Copyright © Mike Bellamy.
Bill Gill. New Years Eve 1990.  
Two wives in engine room   Two wives in control room

The last time I sailed with Paul Heyman was on the Bibi in 1988 when my wife Sarah was also onboard. These photos show Paul and PJ showing Sarah and Jane Mules (wife of C/S Pete Mules) around the engine control room. That's the major difference these days, there's no fun anymore! Maersk run dry ships and will fire us if we laugh more than twice a day. Basically it's just work or kip until it's home time. Best thing about working for Maersk is the job-sharing scheme, so at least we have short trips and only work for 6 months a year. That's certainly better for seeing the family more often. Copyright © Mike Cox.

  Bibi bar. May 1989.
Capt Bob Baker, Elect Keith Bean, [2nd cook] Elaine Deschamps, (wife of Paul Deschamps) C/O Ian Stutt, Cook Pancho, Carole Baker, 2/E PJ Prendergast, Ch Stwd. Pete Mules, R/O Paul Bidmead. Copyright © Mike Cox.
  Bibi bar. 1986/7.
Mike cox with Sue Aldus, (wife of third engineer Dave) and Dee Williams, (wife of electrician Tony). Copyright © Mike Cox.

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