Cornish City (5)

1970/71. Left to right  Linda Smith, Dave Smith  4/E,  John C. Gardiner Lekie,  Mrs Mouat, Standing Chris Buckley Junior 4/E, and finally seated Ian Mouat 3/E.   Officers and wives in saloon
1970/71. The two ladies are Sue Howell, wife of C/E John Howell and Linda Smith, wife of Dave Smith 4th Eng.   Two wives in bar with a drink

Cornish City bar Christmas 1973.
Mark Higgins Capt, Sue Howell C/E wife, Mike Ridley.

  Lifting ashore one of the engines

Left to right....Maurice Tawn Leccy.......Mike Seaman 3rd Eng  Mike Seamans Wife...  Mark Higgins, Sue Howell.... C O Donnell 2/O?

Captain: M. J. Higgins, C/O: W. I. Crawford, 2/O: C. S. C. O'Donnell, 3/O: E. M. Dunlop, R/O:  E. C. Bromham, C/E: J. C. Howell, 2/E: A. C. Hodgson, 3/E: M. C. Seaman, 4/E: D. E. Simons, J/E'S: A. Edwards, M. T. Crimmons, M. Eckert, Elec: M. E. Tawn, C/S: C. A. Parry, Nav Cadets: T. B. Wooley, D. J. Kinsey.

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