Cornish City (5)

The first rwo photos were taken on the maiden voyage 1969. Copyright © Dave Davies.
Officer list December 1969. Capt: J D Lloyd, C/O: A J H Crowther, 2/O: J L P McCarthy, 3/0: J R Currey, R/O: R M Gibbons, 2R/O: J D J Davies, C/E: L G I Taylor, 2/E: E R Morgan, 3/E: G Sumner, J3/E: W A Bruce, J/E: R P Davies, & E G Selley, Elec: K W G Hampton, 2Elec: A J Payne-Cater, C/S: J W Louden, E/Cadet: R B Adey.
Dave Davies and Ruston engineer (Keith?) building the bar.   L:R. Kenny Hampton, The Ruston Engineer (Keith?), Dave Davies, Sandy Bruce, Eddie Morgan, Tony Crowther, 2nd Elect Payne-Carter, John Curry.

Radio room.    

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