Cornish City (5)

All these photos were taken on the maiden voyage 1969. Copyright © Dave Davies.
Officer list December 1969. Capt: J D Lloyd, C/O: A J H Crowther, 2/O: J L P McCarthy, 3/0: J R Currey, R/O: R M Gibbons, 2R/O: J D J Davies, C/E: L G I Taylor, 2/E: E R Morgan, 3/E: G Sumner, J3/E: W A Bruce, J/E: R P Davies, & E G Selley, Elec: K W G Hampton, 2Elec: A J Payne-Cater, C/S: J W Louden, E/Cadet: R B Adey.
Bow section of Cornish City   Ken Hampton
Port & person unknown   Ken Hampton, Electrician

Judith Ridley and Capt Lloyd

On the left is Capt Lloyd with Judith, wife of 2/E Mike Ridley. On the right in the bar we have Capt Lloyd, John Louden, Dick Gibbons.
Officers in lounge   Four officers in ship's bar
John Louden, Dick Gibbons, Tony Crowther, Dave Davies, Ruston Engineer.   Tony Crowther, Dave Davies, Eddie Morgan
Cornish City in North Pacific   Tug bringing out urgent spares
Cornish City with engine problems in the North Pacific and a salvage tug was sent out with spares.

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