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I spent a prolonged period with the AO Welsh and Cornish City as did Danny and they were surprisingly happy ships considering the surprises the Tigers would give us from time to time. Regardless of the reliability of the engines the ships still managed to maintain reasonable passage speeds and with general cargo charters went to the best berths in town.

The Sisters would occasionally pass at sea and one of the pictures is off East London where Danny is on the Welsh and I am on the Cornish. Danny excused himself from the photoshop as his services were required below. Hence the lack of normal bow wave. One Tiger was receiving some TLC.
Yes happy days . John Howell. Posted on forum 25th May 2009.

Voyage 28th December 1970 to 14th May 1971.
Master: J. Cann, C/O: Ian Crawford, 2/O: Peter Warren, 3/O: Gerry Waldron, R/O: Clive Ciastula, C/E R. Frazer, 2/E: Malcom Rayner, 3/E: D. Ashwin, 4/E: G. Smith, J/E: "Jack"?, Elect: A. Adamson: Dk.Cadets: Peter Bullard, D.Llewellyn, Eng Cadet: D. Quale, C/S: K. Llewellyn.

30/12 Grangemouth, 13/1 Saint John N.B., 20/1 Savannah Ga, 21/1 Charleston S.C., 23/1 Baltimore Md, 26/1 Philadelphia Pa, 27/1 New York N.Y., 19/2 Capetown, 23/2 Port Elizabeth, 27/2 East London, 6/3 Durban, 13/3 Lourenco Marques, 16/3 Beira, 2/4 Esperence W.A., 7/4 Fremantle, 24/4 Capetown,
13/5 Glasgow - Voyage ends. Total nautical miles steamed:- 29,651 !
John Cann. Posted on forum 18th February 2010.

I did Xmas relief in Liverpool in 1970 paying off in Grangemouth.
Solly Wainwright, Electrical Superintendent and lekie Wilfy Carr were also present for secretive electrical installations, done over the holiday period (no interference from unions!!).
This was the first time I met Robbie Bell, then 2nd/Eng , his accent being very familiar as my family were Berwickers living in Edinburgh ( I still have a broad Edinburgh accent after 36 years in Berwick-upon-Tweed).
His wife and twin boys were also on board and many a game of table tennis was played. It may be ironic but one of his sons became an electrician and used to call into one of our shops for his morning newspaper on the way to work. John Gardiner. Posted on forum 23rd February 2010.

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